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North Marin Water District Novato Water Supply Self-Certification for 2016


The May 2016 Drought Emergency Water Conservation Regulation adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board allows local water conservation standards to be developed based on NMWD’s specific water supply circumstances. The regulation requires NMWD to conduct a “stress test” and self-certify the level of water supply available assuming three additional dry years mirroring the 2013, 2014 and 2015 water years. The third year supply projection is then compared to a future water demand based on the average of actual 2013 and 2014 calendar year demands to determine the amount of necessary water conservation required.

North Marin Water District Water Supply Self Certification

NMWD Novato customers receive a majority of their water supply from the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) supplemented with local water supply from Stafford Lake. SCWA calculated water supply availability for NMWD and other urban water suppliers using the Russian River system based on the hydrology specified in the Emergency Regulation described above.

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SCWA calculated that after three additional drought years the available water supply stored in Lake Sonoma would be 178,398 Acre-Feet. The cumulative amount of water to be supplied to NMWD and other urban water suppliers receiving SCWA supply will be substantially lower than the available supply from Lake Sonoma and the local supply sources for each urban water supplier. For NMWD the analysis shows that 9,404 Acre-Feet will be needed and this water demand can be met with water supply available from Lake Sonoma and Stafford Lake. Therefore, NMWD, along with the other urban water suppliers using the Russian River, have determined that no mandated water conservation is required from June 1 through January 2017 while the May 2016 Emergency Regulation remains in effect. This calculation is documented in the following spreadsheet. Certification of Supply Reliability PDF

Please be advised that the California Drought Continues, mandatory “common sense” water waste prohibitions are in effect ( summarized here: Novato Area's Summary of Water Use Prohibitions for 2016), and the State Water Resources Control Board can implement mandatory requirements at any time should circumstances change. Please pay attention to your water use, especially outdoors, and participate in NMWD Water Conservation Programs.

Novato Area's Summary of Water Use Prohibitions for 2016