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North Marin Water District

Engineering - Frequently Asked Questions


Contact the Engineering Services Representative, (415) 761-8935, to determine availability of water to your parcel.  If NMWD has a water main fronting your parcel, a simple “over the counter” agreement can be executed to allow for installation of a new service after payment of necessary fees and provided all NMWD regulations are met.
E-mail your request to NMWD ( or call the Engineering Services Representative, (415) 761-8913.  Be sure to provide your street address if sending an e-mail.  Once we know your property location, we will be able to provide you with answers to these specific questions.
Many existing residences receive water through ¾” diameter service laterals (pipes) and 5/8” water meters.  While these services generally are adequate to meet domestic and irrigation demands, they may not be adequate to meet residential fire sprinkler demands.  In order for residential fire sprinkling systems to work properly, an upgrade may be required. The fire department will determine if you need to upsize your meter and service lateral amd will advise you to contact us. Under most circumstances, a simple “over the counter” agreement can be executed to allow for installation of an upsized service.
Once you receive land use approval from the appropriate agency (City of Novato or County of Marin), you must complete a NMWD Water Service Application and pay an engineering advance.  An engineer will be assigned to your project and they will provide you with a cost estimate to supply water service to your lots.  Applicants with large developments are encouraged to contact the Engineering Department early to avoid delays in processing.
Your parcel must be within NMWD’s service territory boundary.  Once this is confirmed, a water main extension may be required in order to provide water service to the parcel.  To obtain more specific information, please contact the Engineering Services Representative, (415) 897-4133, Ext. 8450, and be ready to provide your address and assessor’s parcel number.