PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Program

North Marin Water District (NMWD) is working hard to minimize potential negative impacts to customers as a result of PG&E’s planned implementation of its Public Safety Power Shutoff Program, or PSPS.

In Spring 2019, PG&E updated its Community Wildfire Safety Program (CWSP), which included planned safety power shutdowns under the PSPS program. If extreme fire danger conditions threaten a portion of the electric system serving our service area, it may be necessary for PG&E to turn off electricity in the interest of public safety.

NMWD’s potable water, recycled water and wastewater systems rely upon uninterrupted electrical power from PG&E in order to ensure safe and reliable operations. PG&E supplies power directly to NMWD’s drinking water treatment plant, along with water distribution systems and facilities and is critical to the 24/7 operational needs of these facilities. To ensure reliable water service for NMWD’s 61,000 water customers, the NMWD Board has authorized the purchase/rental of numerous additional back-up generators that can be deployed during potential power shutoff periods. While these back-up generators are expected to minimize impacts to customers caused by the PSPS program, there may be situations when service interruptions occur. In the event of a power outage that is expected to impact water service, NMWD will ask affected customers to curtail outdoor water irrigation to help maintain water supply for public health, sanitation and fire protection needs.

PG&E’s outages will occur in response to localized weather conditions and may not be fully known until the day of the event. NMWD may not have advance notice of potential interruptions to water and wastewater services and is working closely with other local agencies to ensure unified messaging during a power outage. In the event of a power outage that is expected to affect water or wastewater service, NMWD will notify customers via website updates, social media posting and adding water specific notices on local emergency alerts such as Nixle.

NMWD urges all customers to be prepared for power shutoffs and possible utility service interruptions and resulting calls for water conservation. Below are some steps customers can take to prepare.

Preparation for Extended Outages

  • Have an emergency 3-5 day supply of drinking water available.
  • Plan for medical needs such as medications that may require refrigeration or devices that need power.
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones and keep hard copies of emergency numbers.
  • Build or restock your emergency kit with flashlights, fresh batteries, first aid supplies, and cash.
  • Sign up for alerts about Public Safety Power Shutoff events by going to PG&E's Pepare for power down website
  • Visit the NMWD website at or “NMWD social media outlets for updated information.
  • During a power outage, minimize water usage to indoor water use only to help NMWD maintain service to its customers.
  • Remember to check the programming on your irrigation controller once the power resumes as it may have been lost in the power outage.
  • Review NMWD’s Be Prepared Flyer.