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(Year ending June 30, 2017)

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Recycled Water Program


            North Marin Water District (NMWD) is pursuing both short-term and long-term improvements to water supply reliability in Novato. Expanding the use of recycled water as a sustainable local water supply in Novato is one such improvement. NMWD has identified various properties with large landscape areas in Novato as potential sites to use recycled water for irrigation and has completed the installation of a new pipeline for delivery of recycled water in the North, and South Service Areas of Novato (See Maps linked below). Construction work on the Central Service Area started in November 2016 and will be completed in summer 2018. To help inform and update you on the progress of the Novato Recycled Water Expansion Program, NMWD has produced a series of informational materials which include:


Novato Recycled Water Program Summary providing a general overview of the program and general information on recycled water

Novato Recycled Water Program Frequently Asked Questions

Ordinance 24 and Regulation 18


Map of North/Central Service Area

Novato North Service Area- Construction completed in September 2012

Novato Central Service Area- Construction to be completed summer 2018.

2015 Draft Environmental Impact Report Addendum


Map of South Service Area

Novato South Service Area- Construction completed in July 2013



What is recycled water and how is it produced?
Recycled water is a safe, effective and reliable new water supply that is available to help meet the future water supply needs of our community.  Recycled water is highly polished wastewater treated to tertiary recycled water standards (also referred to as advanced water treatment) which is the highest level of treatment defined by the State of California. This level of treatment allows for unrestricted reuse in all recycled water applications. Recycled water goes through four treatment steps: primary treatment, biological treatment (secondary), filtration, and disinfection (tertiary).

What is the quality of recycled water?
The recycled water in the NMWD project will be of the highest quality and meets strict federal, state and county health and safety requirements. Recycled water is used in thousands of applications in sites throughout California and the U.S.

How can I be assured of the quality and safe delivery?
Recycled water treatment is monitored continuously and tested in a certified laboratory daily. The recycled water delivery pipes NMWD will be constructing are completely separate from those delivering drinking water. NMWD will ensure that no cross connections occur between the two systems.

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