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Point Reyes Treatment Plant

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Where Does My Water Come From And How Is It Treated?

West Marin Water

Point Reyes Treatment Plant

The Point Reyes community water supply comes from groundwater wells located adjacent to Lagunitas Creek behind the Coast Guard Housing facility in Point Reyes Station.

This supply is of excellent quality but it requires treatment to remove iron and manganese which can affect the color of the water and result in staining. Treatment consists of adding an oxidant to precipitate the iron and manganese and then filtering the water through pressure filters which are capable of removing the iron and manganese and any excess oxidant. After filtration a small amount of chlorine is added to keep this water pure in the pipeline.

What Are Consumer Confidence Reports (Or Water Quality Reports)?

The 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act has provisions requiring drinking water suppliers to issue annual reports to their customers on the quality of their drinking water. These Consumer Confidence Reports (or Water Quality Reports) explain what substances have been found in the drinking water and whether the water is safe to drink. A useful site for understanding the information provided in the report is located at: www.waterqualityreports.org

If you ever have any questions about the quality of water that North Marin provides, please contact our water quality staff at (415) 761-8929, or (toll free): 1-800-464-6693 for additional information.

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